Hoolai Games Ltd. ("Hoolai" for short) is a high-tech company engaged in the online game development, operation and services, with its business focusing on the application, development, and operation of mobile games, social games, and web games. 

         Established in July 2011, Hoolai published its first strategic social game "Hoolai Three Kingdoms" in the same year. Since the game was published, it has won multiple awards. Moreover, Hoolai has become a leader in Chinese social games and a "legend" in terms of its monthly operating income from social games  and the daily active users and registered users of such games. 

         We have always been product-focused and service-oriented while pursuing quality products and promoting friendliness. Striving to share the joy of games with people, we have, through our unremitting efforts, launched such games as War of Immortals, Burning Sky, CSL, Hoolai Three Kingdoms 2,   Champions Manager Mobasaka, and Calabash Brothers: Seven Brothers Subdue Demons.

         Every day we enrich ourselves on the way of growth.  For example,  we have obtained cyber-culture business license,  value-added telecommunications business license, Internet publishing service license, and other qualifications, forming a business model that involves game development, franchising, publishing and operation. 

         Headquartered in Beijing, Hoolai has subsidiaries or offices in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Japan and other places.  We welcome all of you who love games and have dreams to join our family!

   Hoolai Games is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanda Media under Wanda Film, an A-share (002739) listed company. We will make full use of Wanda Group's resources to provide faster and better products and services for the Greater China area and commit ourselves to developing games competitive among top brands worldwide. Moreover, we will continue to explore ways to develop good games and improve resource integration. 

         Wanda Plaza, which encompasses large business centers, pedestrian streets, five-star hotels, office buildings, apartments, and theme parks, integrates shopping, dining, culture, leisure, and other functions concerning every aspect of people's life into one urban complex, forming a large independent business district with high-quality brand marketing services. There are Wanda Plazas in more than 100 cities and over 360 Wanda Plazas in central business districts across China. 

         Wanda Film's cultural and recreational industry chain services: 

Wanda Pictures: China's most influential multi-dimensional production and distribution platform for films and television programmes with intellectual property; it has produced and distributed more than 100 films and television programmes with intellectual property 

Wanda Media: China's number one development and marketing platform for film-related vertical media and derivatives 

Mtime: The world's largest movie portal, China's largest movie merchandising platform, with a movie-watching membership of 90 million 

Wanda Film: The number one cinema chain in the Asia-Pacific region, with more than 650 cinemas opened at home and abroad and over 200 million movie watchers.

In January 2020, "Calabash Brothers: Seven Brothers Subdue Demons" was released, and in December, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan versions of "About My Reincarnation as Slime" were released.



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